Alsager Pool League

Division 1 team information
Team Contact
Bakka's Swan Ian Brookes
(M)07947 527653
Bulls Head Congleton Simon Knowles
(M)07584 124458
Canal Tavern A Lee Jones
(M)07787 162900
Dishers A Lyndsey Roberts
(M)07751 865026
No Team  
No Team  
Players 1 Andy Lightfoot
(M)07854 776276
Players A Colin Higginson
(M)07810 765951
Radway Ballers Chris Jenkins
(M)07729 488116
Red Lion Hartshill Adrian Thursfield
(M)07480 136864
The Duck Ryan Shaw
(M)07757 707375
Division 2 team information
Team Contact
Crompo's A Mick Stewart
(M)07853 738516
Dishers B Tim Allen
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Jollees Mitchell Edwards
(M)07557 302380
King Street Working Mens Club Gavin Lightfoot
(M)07827 709774
Linley Tavern A Sarah Brammeld
(M)07887 514564
No Team  
No Team  
Queens Head Ian Oxton
(M)07814 405422
Radway Potters Phil Hickman
(M)07825 041423
Royal Oak Miles Green Mike Barlow
(M)07486 541914
Swan Inn Talke Phil Taylor
(M)07714 690927
The Swan Bignall End P Shaw
(M)07796 298462
Division 3 team information
Team Contact
Alsager Pool (Bye)  
Black Horse Chesterton Matthew Evans
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Canal Tavern B Eddie Franklin
(M)07533 101849
Crompo's B Scott Burrows - contact not player
(M)07854 257207
Kidsgrove Labour Club Daniel Munro
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Linley Tavern B H Goulding
(H)07973 172884
Radway Bullets Mel Lumley
(M)07837 907460
Silverdale Working Mens Club Lindon Ashley
(M)07557 447453
The Bank Corner Wanderers James Duncalf
(M)07860 236497
The Crown Red Street Andrew Shaw
(M)07534 624910
The Railway Kidsgrove J Steventon
(M)07568 501505
The Robin Hood Hartshill Thomas Taphouse
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